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Here are some of the documentaries I've worked on as a Multimedia Producer. 

Derry, Nothern Ireland, 2019
Journalist: Oli Dugmore/ Producer: Rich Cooper/
DOP: Charlotte Martinet

The Irish border is one of the most central but also forgotten issues of modern British political history. Brexit changed that.

A hard-won and fragile peace on the island of Ireland is now threatened for the first time since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.

Infrastructure necessary to maintain the integrity of the border, if the UK leaves the EU without a negotiated agreement, would likely become a target for dissident republicans, they warn Oli Dugmore in Derry.

But others in the city are keen to emphasise that Derry's bad old day's are behind them and look to a growing community of progressive pacifists.

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The Irish Border, 2019
Journalist: Oli Dugmore/ Producer: Rich Cooper/ DOP & Editor: Charlotte Martinet

From the beautiful waters of Carling Lough right across to Derry, the Irish border stretches for 310 miles with close to a crossing for every mile. followed that border and explored the consequences of a no deal Brexit for the two countries and the people between them.

The journey takes in Sniper Country in Crossmaglen, Northern Ireland, where the IRA shot dead a significant number of British soldiers just short of the border.

As well as a business cut in half by the border and the fireworks huts that pepper the rest of it. Their wares are illegal in the Republic and so do a roaring international trade.

Outside the city of Derry, the border follows a river but veers off so that the strategic port is included within Northern Ireland.

But a strong community of republicans exists in Derry. 

Areas of the city are so hostile toward the police that they are forced to travel in armoured convoys, or else be confronted with petrol bombs and bullets.

Most paramilitary groups here put down their weapons more than 20 years ago. 

But the prospect of a no deal Brexit, and resulting hard border, across the island of Ireland threatens that hard-won and fragile peace.


The making of Glenn Tamplin Faith, famil
The making of Glenn Tamplin, 2020
Journalist: Reuben Pinder/ Producer: Rich Cooper/ DOP: Charlotte Martinet

Glenn Tamplin is one of the most notorious characters in English football.

Having made his fortune in the steel industry, he made his first venture into the world of football

by acquiring Billericay Town in 2016.

Since walking away from Billericay Town due to the abuse his son Archie received from fans, he has bought neighbouring club Romford FC.

In just three months, he has completely changed the face of the club, sacking their long serving manager and rebuilding the entire squad.

His brash demeanour has attracted criticism from all angles. But who is the real Glenn Tamplin? We went to meet the maverick to find out.

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How the tories took over a nothern Labour safe seat, 2019
Journalist & Producer: Oli Dugmore/ DOP: Charlotte Martinet

Chesterfield in North East Derbyshire.

Since 1935 this constituency has been Labour red, until 2017, when it turned blue.

Mining, like the Labour Party used to be in the blood of this community, but the pits are long since closed and there’s a new political movement in town. Brexit.

It has one of the highest Leave votes in the country. And its incumbent MP, Conservative Lee Rowley who co-chairs a Thatcherite think tank, well his aunt used to be Arthur Scargill’s secretary. And that’s not even the tenth strangest thing about this election.

We’re at the Grassmoor Working Men’s club for karaoke night, to find out why these voters left Labour, if they’re coming back in 2019 and maybe to sing a bit of Neil Diamond.